Program Objectives

Teleos Leadership Institute takes a positive, holistic approach to coaching and uses a developmental perspective to cultivate skilled, executive coaches. Whether or not you are seeking certification, TCDP will help you grow both professionally as a coach and personally in how you handle your emotions and that of others.

In this course you will:

- Develop a deep understanding of self -- your values, motivations, and biases

- Develop an awarenes of how you are experienced by others while in a coaching role

- Understand the neuropsychology behind human interactions and how to engage those you lead

- Learn how to apply systems theory to your coaching practice

- Practice how to faciliate others' growth by becoming a change agent as well as a diagnostician

- Increase your confidence through real-life coaching practicums and feedback from coaching groups and faculty coaches

- Develop a coaching network with your coaching peers and master coaches for 12 months sharing experiences and feedback

- Find and develop your own coaching style while learning alternative styles from others

- Earn 128 total hours towards ICF certification (coach training, superviesion, and mentoring)

- Learn and practice Teleos research and core concepts as foundations of the coaching process (emotional intelligence, intentional change, Gestalt theories, adult learning, and systems theory) to provide support and advice to very senior leadership.


If you are seeking a coaching certification, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) offers a very comprehensive credentialing process. Completing an approved ICF-ACTP training program, like TCDP, is an important step toward full accreditation. Upon completion of the program, the Teleos faculty will continue to support you during the ICF accreditation process to help you navigate the requirements, coaching hours, and more. See ICF Individual Credentialing for more information.