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Teleos Leadership Coaching Program (TCDP)
February 23, 2015

Hear from our faculty coach, Eddy Mwelwa, Ph.D. about our coach certification program and how it can benefit you!

Video Press ReleaseAnnie Discusses Her Book - Management: A Focus on Leaders
March 10, 2011

The world has changed. In Management: A Focus on Leaders (Prentice Hall, 2011), New York Times bestselling business book author, Annie McKee, broadens her reach from business leaders to include students and young managers — combining the best of the old with the best of the new. This book prepares today’s students and young managers to become the leaders of the future.

Leading@Google: Annie McKeeLeading@Google: Annie McKee
March 16, 2010

Based on decades of multi-disciplinary research and experiences with leaders and organizations all over the world, Annie McKee shares what resonant leaders do to build strong teams, a resonant culture, and a climate that fosters innovation. She provides clear and compelling evidence that the best leaders develop themselves holistically over their entire careers.

Positive ImpactPositive Impact
Fran Johnston explains the positive impact of utilizing your personal power.

Holistic SelfHolistic Self
Annie McKee discusses the importance of taking care of yourself in order to lead effectively.

Good and Bad LeadersGood and Bad Leaders
Annie McKee explains why sometimes, good people can become bad leaders.

Fran Johnston on Resonant Leadership and Emotional IntelligenceFran Johnston on Resonant Leadership and Emotional Intelligence
Fran Johnston talking with Karen Edelman of Forbes Conferences and Speakerblast on Resonant Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

Annie McKee Discusses Toxic BossesAnnie McKee Discusses Toxic Bosses
Annie McKee talking with Karen Edelman about Toxic Bosses.

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