What We Do

We don’t just help people and organizations do more or less of something—we help them do different things in new ways that radically improve results and transform people's lives. We generate big new ideas, publish bestselling books and articles, and take existing knowledge into new realms, helping leaders implement change within their organizations that sticks over time.

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Leadership Development

Our leadership development programs are based on the groundbreaking ideas published by Teleos founders and senior team, including bestsellers Primal Leadership and Resonant Leadership, and Harvard Business Review articles. Programs range from keynote speeches to 1-, 2- or 3-day leadership experiential programs to multi-week programs spanning months or years.

Boards & Top Teams

Our work with Top Teams and Boards is based on our deep expertise in group dynamics and high performing teams. Teleos employs a proprietary research methodology in much of our work, Dynamic Inquiry, that allows us to get to root causes of what’s working and what’s not—upon which the architecture and process for organizational change is built.

Executive Coaching

Teleos executive coaches work with executives from all walks—energy to entertainment, finance to governments—to help them better understand themselves and the impact of their actions, words, and attitudes not only on themselves, or even their leadership, but on everyone around them.

Organizational Development

Teleos Leadership Institute has developed a proprietary process, Dynamic Inquiry, as a way to identify underlying issues related to culture and leadership, particularly what helps or hinders an organization as it implements its strategy.

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