Leadership Development

Teleos offers a wide range of formats for leadership development, ranging from keynote speeches to 1-, 2- or 3-day leadership programs to multi-week programs that span over months or years. All Teleos programs are taught by our global cadre of master facilitators and scholar-practitioner faculty.

The press of day-to-day work short circuits many people’s natural desire to be better managers and leaders, and development does not just happen. This dynamic is magnified as business complexity is matched by changes in the global workforce, requiring managers to add to their repertoire competencies and leadership styles that enable them to deal with vast differences among those they work with and lead. Many managers have just have not had to develop capabilities that are now essential for success, and without support they may never develop these capabilities.

Our leadership development programs do not only raise awareness of a better way to lead, they also create significant positive impact on the lives of participants and the organizations in which they work. We remain committed to delivering beyond expectations, to caring for those we reach, and to connecting people to their noble purpose no matter where they are or what role they play.

Our core philosophies are:

Leadership is a conscious process, starting with clarity about one’s own personal goals and how these fit with the mission of the organization and with the strategy.

Effective leadership development means that people learn how to learn, not just what to change—something they will take with them through life. A successful leadership development process will result in sustained behavioral change for the individuals involved.

Simply put, when a leadership development process is truly successful, people with overlapping goals must have a clear sense of how all parts of the organizational system fit together. An understanding of the system, coupled with a shared language of leadership and development, increases the likelihood of achieving shared goals.

Every Teleos leadership development program does the following:

  • mobilizes the emotional energy needed to change.
  • offers the opportunity, stimulus, space, and time for change.
  • provides accurate feedback and ongoing support.
  • provides carefully calibrated development.
  • Rests upon research-based, dialogue-driven experiences.
  • be ongoing, reality-based, and nurturing.
  • involve memorable “events” — something that marks a moment in time when a change process began.
  • be linked closely to strategy at all levels: organizational, divisional, on teams, and among individuals.

The Teleos approach results in people being able to develop their leadership capabilities while also supporting them in building stronger alliances with each other, with their teams, and with their organization’s mission and strategy. Most importantly, leaders learn how to learn. They learn how to spark both their own, and others’, passion for change. They learn how to sustain energy and effort, even in the midst of conflict and stress. They learn how to constantly assess their organizational environment, searching for leadership practices and culture changes that can help the organization grow and develop.

Resonant Leadership for Results (RLfR) Program

RLfR is one of Teleos Leadership Institute’s flagship programs that focuses on developing emotional intelligence, resonant leadership and improving key stakeholder relationships, with emphasis on how to learn and apply leadership lessons every day.

In RLfR, leadership is an ongoing, experiential process of constantly learning new behavior—not a one-time event. Participants learn to recognize their leadership capabilities and identify areas for leadership development that will positively impact business results. Leaders complete the 360-degree feedback instrument, the Emotional and Social Intelligence Competency Inventory instrument, and receive one-on-one coaching feedback.

Program outcomes:

  • Emotional and social intelligence becomes integral to leadership behavior and the culture, with particular emphasis on self awareness and how our actions impact others
  • Improved leadership across management levels
  • Shared language of leadership and common expectations regarding behavior congruent with organization competencies and values become the norm
  • Better internal work relationships and with stakeholders
  • Leadership learning plans [see Intentional Change] for on-going development with each participant

Large Scale Global Leadership Programs

Complex, global organizations facing change need programs worthy of the challenges they face in an increasingly complex, integrated world. They need scalable programs with research-based credibility designed to add value right away and delivered by world class facilitators. Teleos has a track record of creating outstanding custom leadership programs and delivering them worldwide with outstanding results. We are sensitive and adaptable to the cultural settings where we work while maintaining a focus on widely applicable themes (and our core values) like resonant leadership, emotional intelligence, and intentional change.

To date, Teleos and its associate faculty have delivered more than 200 multi-day leadership programs around the world.  More importantly, we believe that our programs have not only raised awareness of a better way to lead, but also have created significant positive impact on the lives of participants and the organizations where they work. We remain committed to delivering beyond expectations, to caring for those we reach, and to connecting people to their noble purpose no matter where they are in the world.

Renewal Programs for Leaders

Stress is a factor of professional life, and in small doses for short bursts of time, stress can help us to be laser focused on what needs to get done. But over time, unchecked and uninterrupted, stress can have a slow eroding effect on us, affecting our ability to perform, our capacity to develop and maintain resonant relationships, and our tendency to think creatively and optimistically.

Research shows that taking time out for renewal practices, such as spending time in invigorating places, having meaningful conversations with colleagues about what matters most to your organization's success, and reconnecting to your own passion for the work, can have a massive impact on results and each individual's sense of efficacy and well-being.

Teleos offers 1-, 2-, 3- and 5-day renewal programs to interrupt the cycle and give you the time you need to decompress, rejuvenate, reconnect and identify the practices that will keep you out of cycle of sacrifice and power stress.  Through these highly experiential programs, we help you and your organization understand what beliefs, behaviors, systems, and processes are at the root of stress in your group so that you can change your daily and weekly practices, as well as structural aspects to the way your organization works.

Together, we help you find realistic approaches to sustain your energy, performance and passion over the long haul. Contact us for more information on our Renewal Programs.

Leadership Journeys

Teleos Leadership Journeys last anywhere from one to five days, and are senior leader- or CEO-led, with assistance and behind-the-scenes coaching from Teleos senior consultant(s). The Journeys take place in a location (or multiple locations) that create the opportunity for individual and collective “wake-up call”—and subsequently, new ways of thinking about leadership, culture, strategy and the future of the company.

The Leadership Journey is customized for each organization and designed to support team members in getting to know each other more personally and more deeply, so they can align with one another around collective aspirations and plans. There is also a focus on heightening awareness around team interactions and on building a positive, resonant work culture in which individuals and teams can thrive.

Our Journeys are highly experiential, but not staged (e.g., no ropes courses, games, etc). This leader-led Journey will include activities in inspiring and challenging physical locations, individual reflection, deep dialogue and a coming together of the minds and hearts of the team. It will also support your team in clarifying the Must-Wins for the next one to three years.

Unique Characteristics of Teleos Leadership Journeys

  • A Leadership Journey is an emotionally engaging event that involves individuals and teams in deep personal reflection, critical conversations and interpersonal, group and organizational challenges.
  • Utilizing nature as a backdrop, the group will go on a Journey that demands deep attention to the self — one’s aspirations, challenges and desires.
  • The team goes on the Journey together and, in this context, learns a great deal about collective and individual capabilities and how to apply those capabilities to leadership, the team, and the business strategy.
  • Relationships are deepened by direct exchange and challenging circumstances as posturing behavior gets left behind.
  • Concretely, the experience happens through a series of exercises, walks in nature, time spent together discussing topics people care passionately about, and which are relevant to the team’s interdependent success.
  • Within the design and done either within the Leadership Journey or post-Journey will be individual planning sessions conducted with each participant that will center on individual leadership development, identifying where each leader wants to focus his/her developmental energies.
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