Leadership Development

Teleos offers many options for leadership development, ranging from keynote speeches to workshops to full-scale leadership programs. All Teleos programs are taught by our global network master facilitators and scholar-practitioner faculty.

The press of day-to-day work short circuits many people’s natural desire to be better managers and leaders. Development does not just happen—it takes work and space. As business complexity increases with changes in the international workforce, managers must learn new competencies and leadership styles that will enable them to effectively deal with the global diversity of individuals they work with and lead. Many managers have not developed the capabilities that are now essential for success. And without proper support, they may never do so.

Our leadership development programs not only raise awareness of a better way to lead, they also create significant positive impact on the lives of participants and the organizations in which they work. We remain committed to delivering beyond expectations, caring for those we reach, and connecting people to their noble purpose no matter where they are or what role they play.

Our Core Philosophies

Leadership is a conscious process. Individuals must develop clarity about their own personal goals and how these fit with the mission of the organization and with the strategy.

People must learn how to learn. Effective leadership development means that leaders cannot just focus on what to change—they also need to understand how to learn about their organizations and themselves. This is a skill that leaders will take with them through life. A successful leadership development process will result in sustained behavioral change for the individuals involved.

People with overlapping goals must have a clear sense of how all parts of the organizational system fit together. Simply put, when a leadership development process is truly successful,  An understanding of the system, coupled with a shared language of leadership and development, increases the likelihood of achieving shared goals.

Every Teleos leadership development program:

  • Mobilizes the emotional energy needed to change
  • Offers the opportunity, stimulus, space, and time for change
  • Offers accurate feedback and ongoing support
  • Provides carefully calibrated development
  • Rests upon research-based, dialogue-driven experiences
  • Creates memorable events that mark a moment in time when the change process began
  • Links closely to strategy at all levels: organizational, divisional, on teams, and among individuals

The Teleos approach results in people being able to develop their leadership capabilities while also supporting them in building stronger alliances with each other, their teams, and their organization’s mission and strategy. Most importantly, leaders learn how to learn. They learn how to spark both their own and others’ passion for change. They learn how to sustain energy and effort, even under conflict and stress. Leaders learn how to constantly assess their organizational environment and to identify leadership practices and culture changes that can help the organization grow and develop.


Core Leadership Programs: 

Resonant Leadership for Results Program

Resonant Leadership for Results explores the link between your emotional intelligence, leadership styles and the work climate you create. We take a systems perspective in understanding organizational culture and team climate to enable leaders to more effectively create great places to work where people are engaged, clear about expectations and committed to others’ success. 

Effective leadership development means that people not only learn ‘what’ to change, but ‘how’ to change. This program emphasizes both knowledge and practice of leadership and intentional change. In this session participants will start with themselves, they will: strengthen their emotional intelligence (EI), increase their resonant leadership capacity and improve relationships. Participants will learn about the neuroscience behind the EI competencies, their leadership style, as well as their strengths and chal- lenges, both personally and professionally. Practicing social awareness they examine their teams and their organizational culture in order to plan changes that will best unleash potential.

Program Outcomes:

  • Improve self-awareness of how our actions impact others
  • Develop skills in noticing and understanding others’ emotions
  • Increase the ability to effectively manage others 
  • Enhance leadership skills in areas reflecting higher levels of Emotional and Social Intelligence
  • Understand why the brain behaves in characteristic ways and use that understanding to more effectively lead
  • Recognize your own learning styles, strengths and challenges to create a personal learning plan
  • Develop a personal learning plan for on-going development


Emotional Intelligence Workshop

The difference between good performance and exceptional performance is Emotional Intelligence. This course focuses on gaining a basic understanding of Emotional Intelligence and introduces tools and resources that will help people learn and develop these important competencies. Participants learn about each of the 4 dimensions (self-awareness, emotional self-management, social awareness, and relationship management) of Emotional Intelligence and the competencies that make up each dimension. Utilizing hands-on exercises, participants in Teleos’ EI course develop skills to help create and maintain positive work relationships.

Program Outcomes:

  • Gain understanding of self— strengths, challenges, preferences, and important life experiences that make you who you are
  • Increase ability to recognize and manage emotions
  • Appreciate the importance of recognizing and managing one’s own and others’ emotions in work and social settings to achieve desired results
  • Develop a set of tools to recognize and mitigate the influence of personal perceptual biases that can impact clear decision making
  • Learn practices designed to increase or strengthen emotional intelligence competencies


Influence & Impact

The ability to get things done within a complex organizational system when you have no formal power is a 21st century skill. Leadership is about getting results. Influence and Impact focuses on understanding the behaviors and contexts that allow leaders to have maximal impact. Participants learn, practice and develop the ability to influence others both within and outside their reporting structure in order to gain support and overcome resistance to get the outcome they desire. Participants learn four influencing styles (directing, reasoning, collaborating, and visioning) and identify the style they tend to rely on the most. Substantial practice and feedback from peers and faculty is built into the course as participants learn how to ex- pand their range of strategies for successful influence of a wider audience in a variety of real workplace situations. Participants will practice influencing individuals one-on-one in group settings, while delivering a presentation, and when writing an email. They will also explore how they manage conflict and gain practice increasing their conflict management skills.

Program Outcomes: 

  • Practice a variety of ways to approach and influence others
  • Recognize your own dominant influence style 
  • Develop greater breadth and depth of skills in influencing people with whom participants may have no direct authority
  • Understand and learn to effectively navigate informal power structures of the organization in order to lead change and achieve desired outcomes
  • Learn a planning tool to help organize thoughts and plan an approach
  • Create new strategies using influence to deal with workplace situations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of conflict styles and situations


Resonance & Resilience

In today’s economy, leaders and managers are constantly asked to do more with less, and are never unplugged. Unfortunately, these new expec- tations can leave you with reduced effectiveness and other problems that come with stress. Our Resilience course focuses on the human ability to adapt effectively to the many stresses we encounter in our complex and fast-paced lives personally and professionally, while directly and compassionately addressing the challenges the demands of work can place on the rest of our lives. Participants learn strategies to help cope with stress and adversity at work. We teach how to develop strategies that work for you to combat fatigue, anxiety, and anger. We explore the building blocks of resilience and renewal using a model called the holistic self, and we learn to think of ourselves and our needs in terms of our physical, thinking, emotional, spiritual and relational selves. We explore the role mindfulness, hope, compassion and gratitude have on resiliency, and we introduce practices focusing on each of these.

Program Outcomes: 

  • Discover stressors and triggers that reduce your effectiveness
  • Identify your noble purpose and what is truly important to you
  • Understand your individual strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Develop personal strategies to combat fatigue, anxiety, and anger
  • Learn how to assess your current level of stress and learn practices to help manage it and become resilient
  • Learn practices to improve relationships through effective communication, mindfulness, compassion, and gratitude


High Performing Teams 

Teamwork is vital to getting things done, particularly in our increasingly complex world. Utilizing Teleos’ unique approach to experiential education, High Performing Teams is a 2-day, interactive course that will develop team leadership and followership capabilities, allowing participants to recognize challenges and thrive in any real-life team situation. Participants focus on how to build high performance teams by developing resonance with those around them; attending to all levels of system; engaging people’s hearts and minds; and unleashing resonance through collective visioning.

Program Outcomes: 

  • Cultivate a deep understanding of individual strengths and challenges as well as a strong understanding of group and team dynamics
  • Practice participation on a team and observation of team dynamics
  • Develop and sustain teamwork in a variety of cross function situations
  • Promote healthy behaviors and diminish dysfunctional team conflict
  • Develop systems thinking skills
  • Learn new behaviors to increase collegiality and high performance in teams and in workplaces


Leadership Matters: Creating a Resonant Workplace

Learn how to positively impact your workplace climate by building resonance and empathy through deeper social awareness of bias and perception. This 2-day intensive course explains the neuroscience behind bias and perception, helping to understand how they influence the decisions we make. By addressing and acknowledging our biases we learn to understand and manage them resulting in more conscious and better decisions.

Program Outcomes: 

  • Deeper understanding of the science behind emotional intelligence, bias, and perception
  • Greater awareness of dominant leadership style and how it impacts the work climate
  • Application of learned behaviors to increase resonance and inclusivity within groups.
  • A clear understanding of your life experiences and the unconscious perceptions and biases and created from them
  • Learned and practiced self-management tools to manage bias and perception to make more conscious choices


Teleos Coach Development Program (TCDP)

This coach development program teaches you the coaching style of leadership. Regardless of your experience as a coach, manager, or leader, TCDP will prepare you to establish meaningful connections, identify levers of change, and add unique value to those you coach or manage. Our in-person, cohort-based 12-day coach development program is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation. We build and deepen your awareness and skills as a coach by modeling proven methodologies, presenting research in neuropsychology and emotional intelligence, and teaching a process of inquiry and personal discovery. Through applied theory and intensive practice with feedback from world-renowned faculty coaches, we help you support those you lead and manage with structure, support, and opportunities for significant development. 

*This program is offered through open enrollment at the Teleos Leadership Institute and can be customized and offered within your organization. To learn more and sign up for our next TCDP information session click here

Program Outcomes:

  • Develop a deep understanding of self–your values, motivations, and biases
  • Develop and awareness of how you are experienced by others while in a coaching role
  • Understand the neuropsychology behind human interactions and how to engage those you lead
  • Learn how to apply systems theory to your coaching practice
  • Practice how to facilitate others’ growth by becoming a change agent as well as a diagnostician
  • Increase your confidence through real-life coaching practicums and feedback from coaching groups and faculty coaches
  • Develop a coaching network with your coaching peers and master coaches for 12 months sharing experiences and feedback
  • Find and develop your own coaching style while learning alternative styles from others
  • Earn 128 total hours towards ICF certification (coach training, supervision, and mentoring)


Leadership Journeys

Teleos Leadership Journeys last anywhere from one to five days, and are senior leader- or CEO-led, with assistance and behind-the-scenes coaching from Teleos senior consultant(s). The Journeys take place in a location (or multiple locations) that create the opportunity for individual and collective “wake-up call”—and subsequently, new ways of thinking about leadership, culture, strategy and the future of the company.

The Leadership Journey is customized for each organization and designed to support team members in getting to know each other more personally and more deeply, so they can align with one another around collective aspirations and plans. There is also a focus on heightening awareness around team interactions and on building a positive, resonant work culture in which individuals and teams can thrive.

Our Journeys are highly experiential, but not staged (e.g., no ropes courses, games, etc). This leader-led Journey will include activities in inspiring and challenging physical locations, individual reflection, deep dialogue and a coming together of the minds and hearts of the team. It will also support your team in clarifying the Must-Wins for the next one to three years.

Unique Characteristics of Teleos Leadership Journeys

  • A Leadership Journey is an emotionally engaging event that involves individuals and teams in deep personal reflection, critical conversations and interpersonal, group and organizational challenges.
  • Utilizing nature as a backdrop, the group will go on a Journey that demands deep attention to the self — one’s aspirations, challenges and desires.
  • The team goes on the Journey together and, in this context, learns a great deal about collective and individual capabilities and how to apply those capabilities to leadership, the team, and the business strategy.
  • Relationships are deepened by direct exchange and challenging circumstances as posturing behavior gets left behind.
  • Concretely, the experience happens through a series of exercises, walks in nature, time spent together discussing topics people care passionately about, and which are relevant to the team’s interdependent success.
  • Within the design and done either within the Leadership Journey or post-Journey will be individual planning sessions conducted with each participant that will center on individual leadership development, identifying where each leader wants to focus his/her developmental energies.
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