Makenzie Newman

Makenzie Newman

Project Manager to the CEO

Makenzie is the right hand woman to Fran Johnston, president and CEO of Teleos. She provides Project Management support for a constantly changing architecture of projects of varying size and complexity. Her biggest contribution to Teleos has been project management support for the successful design and roll-out of custom leadership training programs for one Global 50 company and three Fortune 200 companies. She has also been instrumental in designing and implementing an operations team meeting structure for Teleos to inform and track projects, risks, and resources. This has made a big difference in helping to coordinate and follow the many moving pieces that are part of Teleos’ dynamic business setting. She recently completed the Teleos Coach Development Program and is now developing her expertise in the areas of Dynamic Inquiry and Executive Coaching.

Makenzie's interest in personal/professional development and her desire to work in a resonant workplace brought her to Teleos in 2010. Prior to this, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for nearly 9 years with positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb (formerly DuPont Pharmaceuticals), Merck & Co., and Teva Pharmaceuticals where her roles included Drug Discovery, Clinical Trials, Pharmacovigilence (Drug Safety) and Project Management. She also worked briefly Procter & Gamble where she was on a global team to optimize an ingredient for a new innovative consumer offering.

Makenzie has a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University where she received research honors based on her work in medicinal chemistry for anti-tumor agents. Her interests outside of work include yoga, meditation, holistic health, acupuncture, volleyball and traveling.

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