Who We Are

Who We Are

Our published ideas set us apart as leading scholars. Our ability to radically transform organizations sets us apart as practitioners. Our relentless drive to improve the lives of leaders and everyone around them sets us apart as people.

Our Beliefs

We strive to walk the talk, driven by a profound belief that all human beings are seeking a meaningful life with purpose for themselves, the people they love, their workplace, communities, and nations. Teleos is a different kind of company. We place internal relationships as high on our values chain as results and client service. And because we know leadership is needed in all sectors, we look for meaningful ways to cross-pollinate best practices for the common good.

History of Teleos

Teleos was founded in 2002.  Our clients over the years have included United Nations Development Programme, Unilever, UniCredit Banca, MTV/Nickelodeon, Vodafone, the National Institute for Health, IBM, Glaxo-Smith-Kline, Creative Commons, ETS, Eaton Corporation, and University of South Florida Medical School.


Teleos founders, Dr. Annie McKee and Dr. Frances Johnston, are authors of Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling management and leadership books. They are widely recognized world-class consultants and executive coaches. Among other teaching positions, both serve as faculty at the Wharton’s School Aresty Institute of Executive Education.

Core Team

A renowned group of consultants and advisors, psychologists, researchers, writers, and former business leaders, the Core Team has a global reputation as the experts in design and delivery of transformation programs and executive coaching across sectors. They have been published in magazines such as Leadership Excellence, Supply Chain Management, and Values Journal.

Team of Associates

Our Associates are world-class master facilitators. They have a deep understanding of the research behind change that works and are uniquely trained and qualified to develop—and leave behind—the capacity to transform your organization.

Teleos around the Globe

Over our first 10 years, we have delivered programs, consulting services and coached executives in more than 40 countries, working in the private sector, global NGOs and national governments.

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