• Date June 14, 2011
  • Author teleos

The third open enrollment TCDP was completed on Saturday, June 12, 2011, marking the finish of the second USA program (the other was conducted in Lugano, Switzerland in 2010-2011). The ICF-certified coach program was attended by 26 participants from the US, Canada, UK, and Syria. Led by 5 Teleos faculty, including Teleos co-founders Dr Annie McKee and Dr Fran Johnston, the participants are from a variety of organizations including Abbott Laboratories, Ford Motor Company, and Dealer.com, as well as esteemed colleagues from the fields of executive coaching and organizational development. The program consists of 125 hours of content and practicum hours that address both cognitive and emotional aspects of coaching, creating the environment for both personal and professional transformations to occur. We’re delighted to have another group of effective and passionate change agents out there, committed to the values of connection, ethics, intentional change and emotional intelligence. Onward!