• Date July 28, 2011
  • Author teleos

Kyle Ingram played trombone in his high school band.

Jennifer Chevinsky knows nothing about the movie Star Wars.

Sasha Yahkind is allergic to seafood.

By the end of their first day as the inaugural class of USF’s SELECT MD program, the group of 19 confessed more personal facts as well. One student spoke about how he admires his mother’s courage in the face of illness. Another, how she made her way to medical school after a rocky home life.

“Emotions spread – that’s how we are wired,” one of their orientation leaders (Eddy and Suzanne from Teleos) told them. “You have a responsibility, as you walk through the world, to be mindful of what you are triggering in other people.”

It’s not the typical start to medical school. No gross anatomy lab, no sudden immersion in science. No tests – although those are certainly ahead.

But this isn’t a typical medical school program. SELECT (Scholarly Excellence. Leadership Experiences. Collaborative Training.) is designed to train future physician leaders. Its students gained admittance by going through a rigorous behavioral interview process to assess their levels of emotional intelligence. The process looks for such characteristics as collaboration, adaptability and emotional self-control.

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