• Date October 20, 2011
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Yesterday, Rypple hosted a Leadership Webinar Series with master coaches from theTeleos Leadership Institute. Suzanne Rotondo and Gretchen Schmelzer shared their insights on how coaching managers can help employees sustain long-term growth and maximize their potential at work. This was Part 1 in a 3-part Webinar series on coaching, Webinar 2 is Nov 29 at 2pm EST. Click here to register for the Webinar 2.

A recording of the web seminar and slides are available below.

Teleos’ Tips for Coaching with Compassion:

1. Set a positive climate and setting. People react and learn best when they are in a positive environment that fosters respect, consistency, curiosity, and attentiveness. Being an encouraging coaching manager will create conditions that allow your employees to maximize their performance and potential, and develop both personally and professionally.

2. Focus on long-term development, not altering short-term performance. Coaching with compassion involves helping people bring more of their passions and aspirations to work.Take the time to teach and lead your employees. People are hard-wired to learn through relationships and by mirroring their mentors. Instead of expecting employees to change by reading or listening to information, take the time to teach and lead your employees through example.

3. Discover your employees’ personal goals. People are more likely to change when the change is tied to something they want. When you find out what your employees’ personal desires and aspirations are, you can build a deeper connection with them and help them form new habits. Your employees will be more likely to sustain change over time when it’s tied to their personal desires.

Watch the Video: Rypple-Teleos: Coaching with Compassion Video Webinar



Click here for slides from Coaching with Compassion Webinar