• Date February 06, 2012
  • Author teleos

Angela Scalpello is the Senior Vice President of Human Resources at PR Newswire in New York City.

A number of years ago, a professor for whom I was doing research said to me, “You are the most responsible and dependable person I know.” At the time I didn’t realize that wasn’t how most people were because it had been drilled into me as a child – you keep your word, you do what you say you will. Now, many years later, I like to think that my friends and family and colleagues would agree with my professor’s evaluation of me.

However, truthfully the one person to whom I don’t keep my commitments is myself. I allow the needs and wants of others to overshadow, if not thwart, my self-care.

So as 2012 began, I set the goal of exercising every day for 30 days straight. I called it my exercise “streak.”

Today is Day #33. For me this has been more about keeping my commitment to myself than it has been about exercising. It’s been about making my intention clear and then not backing down because of the needs of others. It hasn’t been about excluding concern about, or responsibility to, others. However, it has been about proving to myself that I can be there for me in the same way I’m there for others.

For many women this is one of the hardest things to do. But hard doesn’t mean impossible.

The challenge remains although my next “streak” is about exercising my mind. My commitment is to read at least one substantive article a week for the next four weeks about a subject or in a field that is TOTALLY outside my usual realm of interests. Again, it will be about the “streak” itself but, it will also be about honoring a promise to myself.

See what commitments you can make, and keep, to yourself. I’d love to hear about them and cheer you on.