• Date February 09, 2012
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Teleos has had the great privilege of supporting the emergence of a new medical education model for up-and-coming physicians. This new program, SELECT, is a collaboration between University of South Frorida College of Medicine and Lehigh Valley Health Network, in PA to create physician leaders and change agents into the world of US healthcare.

Teleos has brought our leadership, curriculum design and emotional intelligence expertise to the core of the program, beginning with Behavioral Event Interviews that assess emotional intelligence in applicants, to the key EI experiential immersion sessions for each cohort, and the building lock on development of EI skills, such as empathy, social awareness, collaboration, coaching. Read more…

Excerpted from NBC:

“House calls are an antiquated practice for doctors, but for medical students at the University of South Florida they are a critical part of the curriculum.

“I get to hear things I would not be able to crunch in to a 5-10 minute visit in a doctor’s office,” says first year medical student Chris Pothering.

Pothering is in the “Select” Program at the University of South Florida.

Not only did he have to pass the MCAT to get in, he had to pass an emotional intelligence test commonly taken by CEO candidates.

“We want to make sure that these students exhibit not only the qualities that will make them outstanding physicians, outstanding clinicians, but also leaders,” explains Dr. Alicia Monroe, Vice Dean of Educational Affairs at USF’s College of Medicine.

The heart of the program is making sure doctors have a heart.

There’s a strong emphasis on teaching the students to see things from a patient’s perspective, to get to know them and learn how their job, family and social life affect the decisions they make about their health.

That’s why Pothering is taking the time to get to know patient Emma Donahue in her home environment.”

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