• Date October 03, 2018
  • Author Eric Vandersluis

Summer has unofficially come to an end (yep, even if the heat index was 105 and my kids were let out of school early in their first week).  Buses are shuttling eager children to and from school, and we’re settling back into familiar routines.
In some ways, I feel a sense of loss. Gone are the carefree days of summer that stretched late into the evening.  Watching my kids disconnect, turn feral and tune into nature on an island (with no running water) in upstate New York is now a distant memory.
Yet, in other ways, I’m energized. Each new season brings an air of optimistic possibility. Today, it’s in anticipation for the crisp autumn wind blowing dried leaves of change and more explicitly excitement for the new developments here at Teleos as we begin a few transitions of our own.  We’ll share a lot more about the changes ahead over the next few weeks.
More about change… Because individuals and organizations rarely come to us seeking assistance to remain the same, we talk a great deal with our clients about change. We ask them to visualize an ideal future state and we help them engage others in a process of discovery and possibility. It’s no different here at Teleos.  In response to our growth to meet increased requests (thanks to all your referrals!) and as of our cyclical strategic review, we’ve been practicing what we preach. We’re in the early phase of idealizing who we want to be and how we want to show up for our clients. Dedicating time to slow down so that we can speed up is disconcerting, uncomfortable. The discomfort serves as a reminder and increases our empathy for what our clients experience.
What I value most about how we “Teleosians ” work is our collective willingness to be boldly curious, to explore new ways to build a successful business, without having to be inauthentic. We show up as our whole selves, every day. We talk about what’s happening in our lives, both at home and professionally, we create the space for one another to share, learn, and grow. We give feedback, we can be direct, we can challenge and we can push one another, but it’s all in the service of learning and growth.
Our Teleos culture can be unconventional at times like when dogs are roaring in the background of a call, or kids are running around the office. Most recently mine. (Somehow, I misunderstood what date school started and found out at Kindergarten orientation that my daughter was going to be with me for 2 more days. Despite momentary humiliation, I didn’t crumble into a pool of parenting shame because I knew she’d be welcomed with open arms, smiles, crayons, and snacks at the office.) What we live in our Teleos culture is meaningful and authentic. And it matters.
What matters to you? We know that people are stressed more than ever at work. Engagement scores are low, folks are in a near constant state of stress, many in search of a better way. The answers are simple, but not easy. It takes commitment and time. The challenge is that we’ve become accustomed to familiar often chaotic patterns of change and transition. What could be creative exploration becomes jaded disinterest? Change efforts are often just thin veneers of shiny promise, quickly dulled by the newest abrasive initiative. What should be energizing is now draining.
We don’t have a magic bullet, but we do help individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations work through transitions, with care, in a resonant way. We want to continue to bring excitement back into the workplace, to help organizations manage the tension of transition toward sustainable. Our shared ideal future lies in our ability to deliver a new way of thinking about work and life, in the organizations and the individuals, we support.
Here’s to new beginnings and change, crisp air, and leaves crunching underfoot. Here’s to a new way of working and being.