Teleos (tel'-i-os)

an ancient Greek concept that describes a journey toward completeness; manifesting our intended purpose. What’s yours?

Moving Leaders Who Move the World

Teleos Leadership Institute is different. This isn’t sales speak, it’s grounded in reality. We were founded on the premise that Teleos needs to walk the talk and ascribe to what we believe in how we work with our clients and one another. And we have since 2002. At Teleos Leadership Institute, we fundamentally believe that every individual and organization has a purpose and is on a journey toward self-fulfillment. It’s our job to help you find the right path. We do this by creating deeply personal experiences that unleash the power of human connection as a driving force for good. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to understand what makes people think, act, and learn in dynamic systems. Within this frame, we create lasting relationships and deliver high quality, personalized service. We move the leaders who move the world…the question is, are you ready to be moved?

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The Teleos Team

Our core team is a passionate group of professionals who are committed to bringing the Teleos values and principles into the world. We are a renowned group of consultants and advisors, psychologists, researchers, writers, and business leaders. Each team member has a global reputation as an expert in the design and delivery of transformative development programs and executive coaching. They have been published in various publications such as the Harvard Business Press, Leadership Excellence and more.

Meet the team
  • Global Reach

    Global Reach

  • Flexible, Research-Based, Custom & Proven

    Flexible, Research-Based, Custom & Proven

  • Engaging Hearts & Minds

    Engaging Hearts & Minds

  • Fostering Growth

    Fostering Growth

Our Core Beliefs

Our business is driven by a profound belief that all human beings are seeking a meaningful life with purpose for themselves, the people they love, their workplace, communities, and nations. Knowing that resonant leadership is needed in all sectors, our team looks for meaningful ways to inspire leaders to step up and into relationships, utilize best practices and new ideas to execute solutions for the common good of all organizations.

Our methods

Our Services Include:
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Culture Change
  • Top Team Development

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • “I have just recently retired as an HR Partner with PwC. After considering various paths to take on my next life journey I selected Teleos to be my ‘developmental partner’. As a leader in my Firm I have been exposed to the very best external consultants so my expectation was extremely high. I was thrilled with the outcome as I received the framework and structure I was searching for to go with my 34 years of experience! The content was perfect, the instruction was superb and the engagement of the group was outstanding. I not only received the methodology and frameworks I was searching for but it also served to give me a clear focus on planning my next journey. I only wish I had gone to this coaching session much sooner as it would have shaped me into a better leader, husband and father! It was tremendously valuable and I am so thankful that Teleos was the organization I selected!”

    Robert J. Daugherty, Former Partner, HR and Partner Development, PwC
  • “Having used Teleos as an external consulting resource to help build the capability of our internal organizational/leadership consultants, I was eager to further develop my own skills by participating in their coaching program. The program has exceeded my expectations by providing me with theory, practice, and feedback to further enhance my coaching skills.”

    Mike Markovits, Former VP, Business and Technical Leadership, IBM
  • As a director or manager of an operation that has a strong mission culture  and doubling in size it is important to have a partner like Teleos that can assist the “enterprise” go through the cultural changes that often take place with so many new staff.  It is important to the long term team members and the new members to understand each other and to change as necessary to enable all to collaborate for a successful enterprise.  I have used Teleos both in my operations but also suggested them for our national partner, the National Co-op Grocers who represent about 200 co-op retail stores throughout the United States.


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