April 21, 2014 BY: Eddy Mwelwa

Being the Right Choice in Executive Coaching

A year ago, I found myself on a short list of coaches who had been invited to have a chemistry […]

June 09, 2011 BY: Eddy Mwelwa

The Reciprocity Principle: Followers and Leaders

Resonant leaders and followers are in a reciprocal relationship, each positively influencing and being influenced by the other. Just as a leader has the power to hire, fire, reward, and punish employees, followers have the power to authorize or withhold authorization

February 25, 2011 BY: Eddy Mwelwa

Doctor(ates) without Borders: Teleos Consultants Go To Zambia

Recently, Teleos consultants, Gretchen Schmelzer and Eddy Mwelwa, with Professor Barbara Okun of Northeastern University and intern Jessica Eisenbach, visited Cavendish University Zambia (CUZ) at the invitation of the university to conduct a needs analysis for a PhD program. Zambian students interested in pursuing PhD studies must leave Zambia, because there is currently no PhD program in country.

February 18, 2011 BY: Eddy Mwelwa

All Communication Is a Form of Storytelling

His eyes lit up instantly and he became visibly excited. He told me that 30 years ago he used to write for a local paper on sports and that he loved it. He had never thought about that experience again—until now.


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