December 19, 2019 BY: Lindsey Bingaman

Parenting in an Age of Digital Distraction

With the rise of technology, particularly via tablets and smart phones, has come increased worry over the impact screens are […]

November 02, 2018 BY: teleos

Building a Healthy Athletics Program is Harder Than Winning the Big Ten Lottery

This week’s NYT’s article about the University of Maryland’s actions in the wake of the tragic death of Jordan McNair […]

September 18, 2012 BY: teleos

What I Learned About Organizational Culture at Summer Camp

By: Bill Palmer Often, individuals in my clients organizations tell me feel that they are prisoners or hostages of their […]

August 08, 2012 BY: admin

Balance Yourself, Not Work and Life

Featured in the¬†Huffingpost on February 19, 2012 I love my work. I mean I really LOVE my work. Do you? […]

May 01, 2012 BY: Lindsey Bingaman

Musings from an Employed “Emerging Adult”

There used to be 4 life stages. Now there are 6… at least according to New York Times columnist, David Brooks. From what I’ve read, and personally observed as a 26-year-old passing through Odyssey, there seems to be 4 major things that define this life stage.

February 13, 2012 BY: Fran Johnston

Komen Crisis: How to Kill a Movement

All hell broke loose with the news and the organization found itself on its proverbial back high heel. Other organizations would kill for this kind of engagement and attention. But what did Komen do? They made the two big mistakes so many other leaders of successful companies and organizations have done through the years: the Komen for the Cure leadership took their supporters for granted and are now having trouble admitting they did anything wrong.

January 27, 2012 BY: admin

Positivity: If this 3 year old can do it, what about you?

December 22, 2011 BY: Fran Johnston

Gratitude (and Gifts): The Parent of All Virtues

Maslow identified this ability as core to the success of self-actualized human beings. When we can experience and express gratitude we see wonder and find joy in even the most mundane things, and in the face of great hardship.

December 19, 2011 BY: teleos

Life Lessons from 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo

Many of the Challengers we have worked with and researched have said something similar to us about their work in organisational life. Most of them have a story of a defining moment or moments when they stood for something that seemed impossible to achieve; took a position against a greater force; championed an unpopular cause; found a way of living on the edge of the established way of doing things, or accepted being marginalised for the sake of what they wanted to achieve.


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