Exploring Race Dynamics in Self and Others Workshop

The dynamics of race are at play in every organization. As leaders, coaches and others who want to make a difference, it is vital that we be able to enter into and hold conversations about race with our clients in systems. Exploring Race Dynamics in Self and Others workshop is to better prepare you to address issues around race. This workshop will help you to explore your personal experience with race and learn from the experiences of others. As a result of doing this exploration in the safe Teleos environment, you will be able to serve your clients, colleagues, friends, and others by courageously entering into race conversations. September 26-28, 2019 Cost: USD $950

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Teleos Coach Development Program

Teleos Leadership Institute’s in-person, cohort-based 10-day coach development program is fully accredited by the International Coach  Federation. We build and deepen your awareness and skills as a coach by modeling proven methodologies, presenting research in neuropsychology and emotional intelligence, and teaching a process of inquiry and personal discovery. 

Cost: USD $11,000  Accepting applications Apply HERE

Fall 2019 (Week 1: November 11-15, 2019 Week 2: May 4-8, 2020) 

Spring 2020 (Week 1: April 20-24 Week 2: October 19-23)


Teleos Leadership Experience

The Teleos Leadership Experience (TLE) is a unique 6-day leadership development program designed for emerging leaders in organizations across all industries. This program provides emerging leaders with the tools and resources to develop themselves and others. TLE equips learners with transferable skills to create resonant workplaces back on the job, where teams grow and thrive. Participants receive one-on-one coaching throughout the duration of the program too! New dates coming soon! Cost: USD $5,400 Contact Sarah Renio to register: srenio@teleosleaders.com

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