Teleos Coach Development Program

Teleos Leadership Institute’s in-person, cohort-based 10-day coach development program is fully accredited by the International Coach  Federation. We build and deepen your awareness and skills as a coach by modeling proven methodologies, presenting research in neuropsychology and emotional intelligence, and teaching a process of inquiry and personal discovery.

Cost: USD $11,000  Accepting applications Apply HERE

Fall 2019 (Week 1: November 11-15, 2019 Week 2: May 4-8, 2020)

Spring 2020 (Week 1: April 20-24 Week 2: October 19-23)


Trauma Leadership Workshop

The Resiliency in Action – Trauma Informed Leadership workshop is ideal for leaders working in communities, organizations or industries impacted by trauma or who have experienced trauma themselves. Trauma can be described as a deeply distressing or disturbing situation and can be applied to a range of experiences from death and loss to layoffs and unwanted change.

In this day long workshop, participants will get research-based information about repeated trauma and how trauma can impact leadership, emotional intelligence and teamwork. You will learn about and apply resiliency strategies to keep your ‘batteries charged’, and you will explore how to use resilience and emotional intelligence so that you can heal and mitigate trauma and lead your teams to be at their best. You will have the opportunity to explore and create your own ‘Base Camp’ to support your work as a leader and tap in to the values and strengths that can support your leadership and your teams. This program is useful for leaders and for professionals who work with, coach and support them.

Date: December 6th

Time: 9am – 4pm

Fee: $300


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