Exploring Race Dynamics with Self and Others Workshop

It is vital that we be able to enter into and hold conversations about and across race in the workplace.

Join us September 26-28, 2019 for an interactive workshop designed to strengthen people’s ability to talk about race with others through practice. This workshop is designed to better prepare you to open up about issues around race and to help you to explore your personal experience and learn from the experiences of others. This is a learning experience that includes inquiry, deep listening, and active learning. 

As a result of this workshop, you will:

  • Develop a better understanding of what race means to you and others
  • Discuss the cultural context of power and privilege and why it is more important than ever to be aware of organizational and interpersonal dynamics that show up in different aspects of life
  • Understand how you/others work with other races and navigate across-race conversations in the workplace
  • Engage in personalized coaching conversations related to race, power, and privilege with feedback
  • Participate in engaging, challenging, insight-filled discussions and presentations on the dynamics within, and across, race

As a result of doing this in the safe Teleos environment, you will be able to serve your clients, colleagues, friends, and others by engaging in resonant race conversations with self-awareness, intention, and skill.

Event Details:

Date/Time: September 26-28, 2019 (9am-5pm on September 26-27 , 9am-12pm on September 28)

Location: Teleos Leaders, 7837 Old York Road Elkins Park, PA 19027

Cost: $950

Bring: A commitment to self-improvement, love, and empathy, and a healthy dose of curiosity to help us create a supportive environment



Kaye Craft 

President, K. Craft Associates Inc.

Kaye Craft is an organization development consultant, a practitioner of transformational change, a master facilitator/trainer, and an executive coach.  For each engagement and work assignment, Kaye keeps her eye on each level of system:  individual, group, team and organization, knowing that sustainable change, the best project, and business results, and the best work relationships come from the integration and alignment of the work throughout the system.    Specifically, Kaye helps clients to focus their energy on their purposes and objectives; to create and sustain commitment to their visions; to leverage their strengths and emotional intelligence; to manage conflict.

Suzanne Anderson

President, The Collaborations Group Inc.

Suzanne is a trainer with Teleos Leadership Institute, Elkins Park, PA, and President of The Collaborations Group, Inc. of Rockville, MD.  Born of Jamaican and African American descent, she is a professional certified coach (PCC) and a master facilitator with deep experience in Executive Coaching, Transforming Systems, Leadership Development, and Diversity and Inclusion.  Suzanne’s training as an emotionally intelligent executive coach and certification in Gestalt organization development provide background as she works with leaders and organizations in their culture change efforts.  Her executive coaching practice focuses primarily on leaders who are responsible for transforming their organizations.

Frances Johnston

CEO, Teleos Leadership Institute LLC 

Dr. Frances Johnston is a world-renowned scholar-practitioner, researcher, and co-author of the Harvard Business Press book, Becoming a Resonant Leader. Fran is the founder and CEO of Teleos Leadership Institute, a boutique consulting firm that focuses on organizational development, executive coaching, and leadership.  Over the course of her 25+ year career, she has become a trusted mentor and advisor to C-level executives and top teams across a broad range of organizations and sectors.  Fran is a professional certified coach (MCC) working with executive leaders.  Fran’s fascination with group development and deep commitment to organizational growth enables her to create real connections with those she serves and catalyze transformational change in large systems. 

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