• Client

    A European Headquartered Banking and Financial Services Company

  • duration of work

    1 Year

  • Services

    Organizational Development of Executive Leadership

Our Approach

Teleos worked with a European banking and financial services company to help them transform themselves from a strong national leader to one of the top three industry leaders in Europe. Our work with this organization began when the President became interested in emotional intelligence.

We interviewed leaders critical to the organization’s transformation. The data from the interviews was used to design a high impact 3-day leadership development program which directly addressed the strategic challenge for the organization—customer service. Over the course of 6 months, 3,000 high level employees participated in this program led by internal facilitators we trained.

The Result

After 12 months, there was visible improvement in the key business measures of business unit profitability, customer satisfaction and employee morale. The President has publicly credited the focus on leadership development as integral to the organization’s transformation. The outcomes of the program were:

  • Building internal capacity for leadership development
  • Creating resonant work climates
  • Develop a more client-centric culture
  • Strengthening internal and cross-functional relationships
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