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    Academic Medical Center and University Hospital

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Our Approach

This client looked to Teleos to create a better sense of confidence in the leadership abilities of their Chief Nursing Officers and Directors. Through and engaging program, Teleos was able to help participants be aware of changes they can make to become better leaders and guide their teams to success.

The program consisted of 4 full day meetings and intersession coaching for participants. It kicked off with an emotionally engaging retreat that focused on Emotional Intelligence and Resonant Leadership at all levels of the system (self, team and organization), and began the Director Development process. The following workshops were highly interactive, insightful and engaging. Teleos faculty organized a process for individual feedback and also for small group workshops on immediate practical application of EI. Participants were also introduced to their coaches for the duration of the development process.

The Result

As a result of participation in this program, employees were able to:

  • Enhance their self-awareness and self-management skills needed to develop the resilience to thrive in today‚Äôs work environment.
  • Enhance their overall ability to lead others by understanding how their behaviors affect people and impact the outcome of desired organizational strategies.
  • Embrace organizational strategies including improving patient satisfaction and care coordination, increasing board certifications and reducing overtime dollars.
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