• Client

    A Leading Global Entertainment Media Company

  • duration of work

    7 Months

  • Services

    Leadership Development of Senior Management

Our Approach

A leading global entertainment media company approached Teleos with the idea of a first ever Senior Executive Development program that would help to foster a deeper organizational awareness and build a personal connection to the company’s vision and mission.

The Teleos team designed a custom and inspirational leadership development program for top-level senior employees in order for them to better understand and connect to the company’s overall. Through workshops, one-on-one sessions and more, Teleos was able to help employees find a new connection to their organization while building influencing and self management skills

The Result

By participating in the program, employees learned how their behaviors affected others in the organization and contributed to either a healthy or unhealthy climate. Participants were able to refine the follow skills and behaviors to become better leaders:

  • Influence skills
  • Create an environment that encourages innovation and execution
  • Role model effective leadership
  • Develop and grow the capability of others
  • Develop and foster meaningful relationships to increase collaboration and effectiveness
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