• Client

    A Global Healthcare Products and Services Company

  • duration of work

    1 year

  • Services

    Leadership Development, Large Group Intervention

Our Approach

This global medical products and services company engaged Teleos to help senior leaders work through how to weather change and challenges in the market while holding true to its noble purpose and values. The organization utilized its biannual Leadership Forum as an opportunity to engage the top 100 leaders to think about what leading from the heart means and how it can impact their team interactions. They saw an opportunity to reignite employees’ connection to the firm with the practice of resonant leadership and emotional intelligence.

Teleos designed this engagement from the results of interviews with leaders and a qualitative analysis of the current state of the company and its culture. Our team advised and coached the leaders tasked with organizing and leading the forum in the months leading up to the three-day event in Dubrovnik, Croatia. This beautiful setting in historic Dubrovnik at a seaside resort allowed the participants to disconnect from the day-to-day and created a space for reflection and learning.

The Result

Teleos facilitated a powerful Leadership Forum for the top 100 senior leaders. We used the Intentional Change Model to help individuals create a personal plan for growth and experiential learning for an active, engaging process wherein the participants were enabled to try new things, get feedback and plan for application back in the office. After three interactive days of group exercises and reflections, Teleos provided these leaders with a new way of thinking about leadership and was able to:

  • Engage a very analytical, “lead from the head” leadership group to use their emotions and relational skills to lead in a more inspirational way.
  • Create resonance and unity between leaders to reignite their commitment to the organization’s purpose and values and to each other.
  • Provide the opportunity for leaders to create and commit to their own personal development plans, as well as a development plan for their teams and business units.


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