• Client

    A Global Specialty Pharmaceutical Company

  • duration of work

    2 Years

  • Services

    Executive Coaching of VP of Clinical Operations

Our Approach

This global specialty pharmaceutical company asked Teleos to engage and coach one of four top executives to help foster their leadership skills, align with the company’s vision and mission and cultural competency.

Our faculty created a personalized one-on-one coaching program to cater to the goals and needs of not only the company, but the executive themselves. This customized program and approach is what truly makes the difference.

The Result

Through the one-on-one coaching, the executive was able to:

  • Develop complex leadership capabilities related to emotional and social intelligence and resonant leadership
  • Develop cultural competence necessary for successfully leading in a Japanese holding company environment that required Start Up X to be able to educate and negotiate with the parent company regarding the US regulatory environment
  • Build and practice approaches and skills to support the functioning of the executive leadership team
  • Strengthen his capacity for systemic thinking
  • Support him through a process of Intentional Change, which includes formalizing a vision of the future and creating a learning plan.
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