• Client

    A Global Information Technology Company

  • duration of work

    3 Years

  • Services

    Organizational Development and Coaching of Executive Leadership and HR Team

Our Approach

This global information technology company engaged Teleos to align the executive committee around the need to evolve their culture and operating framework required by a shift toward security and services.

Teleos did this through conducting a qualitative analysis of the culture, advising/coaching for EC members, and facilitating a series of executive team meetings to foster dialogue and trust. Teleos coaches engaged the senior leaders to support growth in developing complex leadership capabilities. Shifting the culture and changing the strategy required emotional and social intelligence, resonant leadership and the capacity for systemic thinking.

The Result

Teleos created the Winning Leadership Program for the executive committee and top 160 senior leaders. With the implementation of this program, Teleos got the whole system moving and was able to:

  • Provide a compelling situation for discussing and integrating Unisys’ Operating Principles with leadership behaviors
  • Create a forum where concepts and practices can be shared in such a way that a ‘shared language of leadership’ begins to develop
  • Spark the desire and momentum for individual leadership development including personal 360-degree feedback on emotional and social intelligence
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