October 01, 2012 BY: admin

Is Stress the New Drug?

Ah, a relaxing night at home after a long day at work – running 75 mph at the office, putting out fires, deeming yourself a “Task Master.” Now would be the perfect opportunity to sit and think of absolutely nothing. Nothing? And then it hits…

November 29, 2011 BY: admin

Re-energizing Your Team, Post Layoffs

These days, the people we coach (yes, even senior leaders) are finding it harder and harder to voice their opinions, weigh in on key issues or simply join discussions for fear that they will be vulnerable to the next round of layoffs should they push too much or stray too far from the boss’s views. A lot is lost when this kind of risk aversion and isolation takes over teams and organizations.

June 06, 2011 BY: admin

Annie McKee featured in new HBR.org piece, “Dealing with Your Incompetent Boss,”

http://blogs.hbr.org/hmu/2011/06/dealing-with-your-incompetent.html Excerpt: Think twice before ratting anyone out When you’re working for someone who isn’t getting the job done, it […]


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