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Our research-based methodology for executive coaching begins by establishing a strong relationship with our clients and working with them to create a compelling vision for the future. Through our coaching, we support our clients as they work toward their goals, develop leadership skills and self-awareness, build relationships across the organization and navigate organizational complexity. Our high-touch engagements focus on helping our clients further refine their emotional intelligence. The strong relationship between coach and coachee serves to maximize coaching results and enables our clients to develop their unique style of resonant leadership.

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Engagements can be conducted in-person or over the phone and may include qualitative 360-degree feedback focused on intentional change, guidance in identifying appropriate learning experiences, observations in the workplace and support in professional and personal goal planning.

Our Executive Coaching Sessions Include Focus on:
Establishing a Meaningful Relationship

The foundation of our coaching process is a confidential relationship built on trust on, and mutual understanding between the client and Teleos coach.

Understanding Strengths and Challenges

The coach focuses on learning as much as possible about the executive, including his or her approach to management and leadership, their working relationships and organizational dynamics at play. This helps us better understand current strengths and challenges with those areas.

Setting Goals and Creating an Action Plan

As a result of ongoing work together, the coach focuses on helping the executive set achievable goals, create action plans to get there and create safe ways to experiment with new behaviors in the workplace.

Become a Certified Coach

We not only provide executive coaching, we train executive coaches! To date, we have over 250 global alumni of our coach development program. Our 12-day Teleos Coach Certification Program (TCDP) gives you the tools and resources needed to help potential or current leaders navigate through the complexities of their organization.

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