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Teleos offers customized leadership development ranging from small workshops to full-scale leadership journeys and large-scale meetings. Our approach awakens participants, creating a new sense of awareness for how to effectively lead and operate in complex systems and organizations. Our work is experiential and challenging, we help lead you to your edge and work with you and your teams to set you on a path to fulfillment.

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Our workshops give leaders the tools to ignite a passion for change, sustain momentum and constantly assess themselves and their organization to foster growth and development from top to bottom.

All Teleos leadership development workshops:
  • Mobilize the emotional energy needed to change

  • Offer the opportunity, stimulus, space & time for change through experiential opportunities

  • Offer accurate feedback and ongoing support

  • Rest upon research-based, dialogue-driven experiences & practical application

Our Core Leadership Workshops

Teleos leadership development workshops not only raise awareness of a better way to lead, they create significant positive impact on the lives of participants and the organizations in which they work. We remain committed to delivering beyond expectations, caring for those we reach, and connecting people to their noble purpose no matter where they are or what role they play.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

The difference between good performance and exceptional performance is emotional intelligence. The Emotional Intelligence (EI) 2-day workshop focuses on gaining an in-depth understanding of EI and introduces tools and resources that will help participants learn and develop their EI. By learning to cultivate the 12 emotional intelligence competencies, participants will be able to better understand and manage their own and others’ emotions in professional and social interactions in order to create positive, productive workplace climates where people thrive. Utilizing research-based materials, personal experiences, and hands-on exercises, participants will learn EI and put it to practice in a safe and trusting environment with their peers.

  • Gain greater understanding of self – strengths, challenges, preferences – and recognize important life experiences that make you who you are
  • Understand the importance of recognizing and managing your own and others’ emotions in work and social settings to achieve desired results
  • Develop a set of tools to recognize and mitigate the influence of personal perceptual biases that can impact clear decision making
  • Learn practices designed to increase or strengthen emotional intelligence competencies
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Interpersonal Savvy Workshop

An increasingly complex world and organizational landscape mean that relationships in the workplace are more important than ever. The need to work with people and to build relationships that can withstand healthy conflict is vital to individual and organizational success. The Interpersonal Savvy course is critical for maintaining effective relationships and developing a suite of personal abilities that encompass both the head and the heart, including stamina, courage and emotional intelligence. The Interpersonal Savvy workshop is a highly interactive course with significant participant involvement. Not only will participants learn, they will also experiment with what they learn during the workshop. In this course, participants will grow their core emotional intelligence competencies.

  • Develop self and social awareness and an understanding of how our actions impact others
  • Practice important workplace conversations
  • Learn how to build better relationships at work and with stakeholders
  • Create leadership learning plans for on-going development
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Becoming a Resonant Leader Workshop

Organizational climate has emerged as a significant predictor of customer satisfaction, job satisfaction, and financial success. Successful and positive organizational climates and cultures are created by attending to the “how” of leadership, not just the “what” of leadership. Leaders who attend this course will learn about how to engage and strengthen their emotional intelligence- their ability to know themselves, manage their emotions and their behavior, and understand and engage others in an intentional and inspiring way. Participants will work on their approach to leadership as an individual leader and explore their leadership of others. This will allow them to work together to understand the way they impact the climate and culture of the organizations in which they work. They will recognize how their behavior impacts inclusion and diversity within their business units.

This program will introduce participants to the concept of bias, both unconscious and conscious and allow them to explore how these unconscious biases affect the decisions they make on a day-to-day basis and what they can do to actively manage the impact of their biases. Leaders will learn through experiential exercises and didactic information and will leave with practical and tangible plans to implement in the workplace. This program will allow participants to appreciate their role as leaders in reducing bias and creating a truly inclusive workplace and a resonant climate

  • Explore and learn a leader’s impact on climate, emotional intelligence, influence, diversity, inclusion and culture
  • Reflect and learn about your personal strengths as managers and leaders in your life
  • Deepen your understanding of the science behind emotional intelligence
  • Strengthen your climate and contribute to a strong culture
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Influence & Impact Workshop

This Influence & Impact course is designed to help participants increase their ability to improve individual performance to deliver improved business results (i.e. increase revenues, reduce complexity). The pragmatic focus of the course includes being clear on intended outcomes and developing a variety of communication skills to more effectively influence others.

The focus of this program is on expanding capacity for influence in a variety of typical situations. We help increase participant flexibility in handling different situations so they can better manage the complexities of modern organizational life – changing expectations, different relationships, navigating conflicts and living with degrees of uncertainty – more easily and productively.

  • Develop self-awareness around personal leadership presence
  • Learn and practice a range of influence styles
  • Learn to lead in a complex and ambiguous environment
  • Practice influencing groups with impact
  • Understand personal tendencies for dealing with conflict, other conflict modes and context for when each style is most effective
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Teleos Leadership Experience

The Teleos Leadership Experience is a unique leadership development program designed for emerging leaders in your organization. This program is designed to help leaders develop their self-awareness and leadership presence, to learn how to create strong relationships and positive workplace climates, and to develop foundational coaching skills to support the growth and development of those they lead. Participants will be supported through one-on-one coaching throughout the program and will leave with a greater understanding of their leadership growth edge, a sense of ownership of their own development, and a 1-3 year personal and leadership growth plan.

  • Develop greater self-awareness around preferred behavior style and leadership growth edge
  • Articulate personal values and noble purpose, as well as a link to organizational mission
  • Build resilience and stress management techniques
  • Learn how to successfully manage challenging interpersonal workplace situations
  • Understand personal impact on team climate and how to create a positive workplace environment
  • Learn about and practice a variety of influence styles
  • Develop coaching skills and an ability to develop others
  • Learn how to facilitate others through change
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Leadership Journeys

Teleos Leadership Journeys can last anywhere from one to five days. They are senior leader, or CEO-led, with assistance and behind the scenes coaching from our senior consultants. The Journeys take place in various locations that create the opportunity for an individual and collective “wake-up call” resulting in new ways of thinking about leadership, culture, strategy and the future of the company.

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