Addressing The Whole System

Our people and talent strategy helps you to align your most important organizational asset—your people—to your business strategy and goals. Working at the intersection of leadership and strategy, we’ve discovered the power of culture and how to change it. We give you access to what’s really happening in your organization. Through this, we help you engage your people to change your culture in support of your strategy and build a resonant climate across all levels of your organization

Our methods

Teleos’ Organizational Development is used to assess the current state of your organization and offers valuable benefits at the start of, in the midst of, or even after any change process.

Clients have used our organizational development services to facilitate the process of integration following a merger or acquisition, a change in strategy, or a substantial change in leadership.

Our Organizational Development Process

At Teleos, we know that implementing change within an organization can be complex. With our process, we engage vital groups while gathering critical information about what is driving the organization’s success, pinpointing areas for improvement and providing the spark for meaningful change.
Organization Development Includes a Focus On:
People and Talent Strategy

Our people and talent strategy work helps you align your most important organizational asset, your people, to your business strategy and goals. Our work in this space helps you take inventory of how you are meeting today’s current demands, while preparing your workforce for tomorrow’s challenges.

Organizational Culture

Organizational strategy is highly dependent on the organization’s culture. Our work helps you identify the real versus espoused culture of your organization. We provide you with the insight to identify how to accelerate strategy through culture and give you a clearly defined approach to creating a resonant culture.

transformational Change

Transformation and change has become the new normal in today’s complex world. Our work helps you stay focused on what matters most in order to create sustainable transformation and change. We work with organizations at all stages of transformation and change and bring a whole systems approach to making change stick.

Additional Opportunities for Change

Our various leadership workshops provide opportunities for organizations to continue engaging and motivating their staff, leaders and CEOS through a leadership journey, executive coaching for key stakeholders, experiential leadership and development workshops. Each program can be customized to fit the needs, desires and strategies of your organization.

Our workshops

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