Aligning to Succeed

In a fast paced and high pressured world, teams need to take the time to stop, connect and reflect in order to meet the challenges they face. Our work builds authentic alignment and deep commitment between leaders and their teams. We build psychologically safe spaces for critical conversations to happen in order for resonance and engagement to occur.

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Fully Customizable Programs

We develop each of our programs to completely fit the needs and goals of your team members and organization. Our ability to understand what makes you unique is what sets us apart and allows us to energize your team and create a climate where people thrive.

Let us Support Your Teams

Often times, teams engage in strategic conversations before building the alignment needed to move the team and the organizations forward.

We create the space for teams to align and engage with one another fully, before moving into action, resulting in sustainable, positive impact.

Our Team Development Workshops Focus On:
  • Understanding and Leveraging Team Dynamics
  • Creating a Greater Awareness of Group Behaviors
  • The Foundational Elements of Successful Teams

We provide comprehensive program offerings that
help all members gain the insight, skills and knowledge needed to become effective leaders.

Teleos is also experienced in working with Boards of Directors & top teams in areas such as:
  • Improving Board performance, structures and processes
  • Enhancing group expectations that support effective communication and decision making
  • Establishing an effective working relationship between the Board Chair and the CEO
  • Creating robust and engaging Board events with Board Chair and CEO
  • Building strong, compassionate and productive relationships among board members
  • Working with Board Chair and CEO to create engaging Board meeting agendas
  • Individual and/or paired coaching for all members
  • Supporting Chair and CEO’s with on and off boarding of new or retiring Board members

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