A Global Information Technology Company

Unifying a Team to Achieve Success

This global information technology company engaged Teleos to align the executive committee around the need to evolve their culture and operating framework required by a shift toward security and services. [..]

A European Headquartered Banking and Financial Services Company

Becoming European Industry Leaders

Teleos worked with a European banking and financial services company to help them transform themselves from a strong national leader to one of the top three industry leaders in Europe. Our work with this organization began when the President became interested in emotional intelligence. [..]

A Global Gas and Oil Company

Building Global Training and Development Programs

A leading global gas and oil company engaged Teleos to design and facilitate training and development programs across their footprint. After conducting an extensive needs analysis across the organization, Teleos designed and delivered 3 separate programs including Responsible Leadership, Improving Personal Performance, and Diversity and Inclusion [..] [..]


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